Dr Christoph Kind

Dr Christoph Kind is Chief Investment Officer at Marcard, Stein & Co AG, a multi family office bank based in Hamburg. Before joining the bank in 2017, Dr. Kind was portfolio manager and Head of Asset Allocation with a german investment management company. He has a PhD in economics and is a guest lecturer for Asset Allocation at Hochschule Ludwigshafen. He is also a lecturer at the Fürstenberg seminars for certified family officers. At Marcard, Stein & Co, Dr. Kind is responsible for economic analysis, asset allocation and investment stategy. He has a long-standing experience in managing wealth for institutional and private clients. Christoph has been integrating sustainability criteria into the investment process for many years. He is a founding member of the ESG Investment Committee of the M.M.Warburg Group. Christoph publishes regularly on economics, politics, capital markets and sustainability. He has been recognised as a "Top Voice" by LinkedIn and is a regular participant in panel discussions and speaker at events.