Corona emergency aid in crisis areas

The pandemic affects us all, but especially those people who are already facing extreme poverty, hunger, and violence.

Especially people who are already disadvantaged urgently need corona emergency aid.

The virus is deadly. This is especially true in places where there are hardly any medical facilities. Therefore, CARE is providing training for health workers and strengthening hygiene measures. CARE distributes medicines, disinfectants, and medical protective equipment as well as drinking water and food.

CARE helps the most vulnerable people - especially women, girls, and refugees. CARE has established Corona emergency response plans in 69 out of 100 countries of operation. Relief efforts are well underway in many countries.

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How Care Helps
"One Corona case can quickly turn into hundreds or thousands of infected people in a slum.
CARE Deutschland E.V.

many children have to work at the garbage dump in order not to starve.

The term "Korogocho" is Swahili and means "squeezed shoulder to shoulder". This is how about 200,000 people live in the Nairobi slum of the same name, one of the most miserable in the world.

Korogocho has formed a circle around a rubbish dump, which is the most important source of income for the residents. Here they collect leftover food for their families and recyclables such as metals and plastics to sell. Many children also work at the dump, as few families can afford school fees.

The donations help to improve the lives and future of these children.

In order to sustainably improve the lives and futures of these children and young people, CARE Germany founded the initiative "Sport for Social Change" together with local partners back in 2010. Within the last few years, CARE Germany and local partners have built up a football league which, coupled with educational programs, offers children and young people an alternative to the streets and the rubbish dump.

In addition to the sporting activities, remedial, computer and art courses are offered, among other things. The league's training and games take place outside of school hours, keeping the children meaningfully occupied in their free time.

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In addition to solidarity here at home, we also need solidarity for the world's weakest. It depends on all of us.
CARE Deutschland E.V.


The Corona pandemic is exacerbating the difficult humanitarian situation in the slum. Therefore, the project cannot currently be implemented as planned. Schools will remain closed throughout the country until the situation has improved. In order to respond to the current condition in the best possible way and to support the inhabitants of Korogocho in their fight against the spread of the virus, Corona emergency aid measures are currently being implemented:

-        Distribution of hygiene products and face masks
-        Maintenance of existing and provision of new hand-washing stations
-        Education on basic hygiene rules for handling COVID-19 through illustrations and hygiene messages on walls

This project is an example of CARE's great Corona emergency aid and will be supported by the Intalcon Foundation in the future. The concrete details of the funding are currently still being agreed. With its measures, CARE has already helped many children. But more and more children need help, and all children want a chance for a better future - far away from the rubbish dump.

With your donation, we can provide much-needed medical aid for corona prevention and offer children a better future.

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Girl with mask: CARE - Daniel Romana
Group of children and soccer game: CARE - Male Thienken
Video: CARE Deutschland e.V.
Note: The picture of the slum in the first section is not from the CARE-project.