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CARE is one of the largest private emergency relief and poverty reduction organisations in the world. They work in over 100 countries to combat hunger, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. After the Second World War, over 100 million CARE packages saved the lives of needy people in Europe. This solidarity lives on today. CARE provides impartial humanitarian aid where there is acute need.
Equality for all genders is important to CARE. CARE places women and girls at the centre of its work, knowing that poverty cannot be overcome until all people have equal rights and opportunities. A first step towards this is a comprehensive understanding of the causes that contribute to gender inequality. To this end, CARE conducts so-called gender analyses. Find out more about how CARE advocates for gender equality here:

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How Care Helps
 The escalating conflict in Ukraine is an act of inhumanity played out on the backs of millions of civilians.
 Karl-Otto Zentel,
Generalsekretär von CARE Deutschland


In Ukraine, CARE supports a number of organisations that have a proven track record in development cooperation and humanitarian aid. Volunteers and smaller local initiatives receive financial support in order to help on the ground. In addition, CARE provides shelters and safe spaces for women and families, distributes food, water, hygiene items and provides psychosocial support and cash assistance. As always, CARE takes into account the needs of women and girls, but also young children, the elderly and those with disabilities. Together with its partners, CARE aid in Ukraine has so far reached approximately 245,000 people.

As Intalcon, we support CARE's emergency aid worldwide, such as in Ukraine.


Due to the unequal distribution of water worldwide and the different climatic conditions, access to clean drinking water is also not equal. There are dramatic water shortages in many places, but particularly in countries of Africa, Central and South America and Asia. Global water consumption has tripled in the last half century. Currently, far too much water is being consumed than our planet can provide.

CARE ensures that people worldwide have access to clean drinking water - also and especially in times of war and pandemics, because water is essential for survival.


The Corona pandemic is exacerbating the difficult humanitarian situation in the slum. Therefore, the project cannot currently be implemented as planned. Schools will remain closed throughout the country until the situation has improved. In order to respond to the current condition in the best possible way and to support the inhabitants of Korogocho in their fight against the spread of the virus, Corona emergency aid measures are currently being implemented:

-        Distribution of hygiene products and face masks
-        Maintenance of existing and provision of new hand-washing stations
-        Education on basic hygiene rules for handling COVID-19 through illustrations and hygiene messages on walls

This project is an example of CARE's great Corona emergency aid and will be supported by the Intalcon Foundation in the future. The concrete details of the funding are currently still being agreed. With its measures, CARE has already helped many children. But more and more children need help, and all children want a chance for a better future - far away from the rubbish dump.

With your donation, we can provide much-needed medical aid for corona prevention and offer children a better future.

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Girl with mask: CARE - Daniel Romana
Ukrainian girl: CARE
Hands with water: CARE