Kirsten Dahler

Kirsten Dahler

Kirsten Dahler absolvierte ihr BWL-Studium in Düsseldorf und war mehrere Jahre bei einem Hamburger Immobilienmakler tätig, bevor sie 1993 mit ihrem Mann Björn Dahler die eigene Makler-Marke Dahler & Company gründete; eines der führenden deutschen Maklerunternehmen für hochwertige Wohnimmobilien. Die Immobilienkauffrau startete im Jahr 2000 das Franchise-Konzept und eröffnete mit Partnern weitere Büros in Deutschland, Österreich sowie auf Mallorca. Mittlerweile beschäftigt die Gruppe über 400 Mitarbeiter.

only together we can have a sustainable effect, that our world desperately needs.

We promote the 17 sustainable development goals of the united nations

As a funding body, we provide financial contributions to selected organisations and projects

The financial resources for this come mainly from Intalcon GmbH. 20% of the earnings achieved there as performance fees are donated directly to the Intalcon Foundation. Since the Foundation holds shares in the GmbH, it also has a 20% share in the annual net profit.

organisations and Projects supported by intalcon foundation


Overfishing, pollution and climate change - our oceans are under threat. At the same time, they offer perhaps the greatest opportunity to reverse enormous environmental damage.

We take care

Together with CARE Germany, we support projects worldwide. The focus here is on combating hunger, promoting gender equality, and supplying drinking water.


The goal of this project is the long-term survival of the Saola, one of the rarest wild cattle species that lives in the Annamite mountains in Indochina.


One aim is to promote seaweed farming, certify the CO2 storage capacity of algae and thus enable operators to trade emission rights. Other objectives include protecting against coastal erosion, increasing fish stocks and creating jobs.

ProtectING biodiversity

The aim of this project is to save the Saola, a rare species of wild cattle that lives in the Annamite Mountains in Laos and Vietnam, from extinction and to protect biodiversity in this area.

the participants of the Intalcon Foundation and their Ambitions

Your use of Intalcon's investment strategies gives us the opportunity to promote the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations. You are thus making an effective contribution to improving the social and ecological conditions on our planet. Thank you very much!

Scarlett Eckert
managing director, Intalcon Foundation gGmbH

the advisory board

the partners

Stand together

Join our mission with the partner logo of the Intalcon Foundation and carry our message further

As a client of Intalcon GmbH, use our media package to also inform your stakeholders about the projects you indirectly support. We provide you with editorial reports, videos, photo material and interviews with our advisory board members for your communication work. Stand together - with the partner logo of the Intalcon Foundation.

We act Transparently and according to our guidlines


Guidelines are the basis of our Foundation. They provide us with the direction for our responsible and charitable actions as well as for an orientation of our business activities towards sustainability.

& transparency

Trust means transparency and is a high priority for us. For this reason, you can view the statutes  and obtain additional information here.

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