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Bundesinitiative Impact Investing

By establishing the impact investing ecosystem in Germany, the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing aims to create the conditions for additional capital to be used to meet social and ecological challenges. In doing so, the specifics of the German social economy, as well as investments in and from Germany, are always kept in mind.

The Intalcon Foundation is a member of the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing.


Copalana is a social-impact ecosystem, which helps companies engage employees/clients and easily connect with non-profits.The tech-for-good social enterprise is based in Switzerland and provides its digital ecosystem free of charge to non-profits worldwide.The platform makes it easy for companies who want to either scale their social impact as well as those who are just starting the journey to making our planet a better place to live. The platform offers the opportunity to launch crowdfunding campaigns, find volunteers and offer gift-of-giving.

Global Ethical Finance Initiative

GEFI is an NGO based in Edinburgh. They are dedicated to enabling finance to deliver positive change and help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Intalcon is an endorser of their Path to COP28 campaign - a 12-month initiative to drive commitment and action ahead of COP28 on 30 November to 12 December 2023 in Dubai. The intention of the campaign is to encourage and support financial institutions to transition from commitment to implementation, measurement, and reporting. It brings together stakeholders from across finance and beyond to drive climate action before, during and after COP28. It is the first finance-focused campaign for COP28, and GEFI is committed to making finance work for COP28, and COP28 work for finance.

GLS Bank

The first social and ecological bank grants loans to sustainable entrepreneurs in Germany - so that they can create socially, ecologically and economically meaningful things. "We want to leave the world better than we found it. We owe that to future generations. Our sustainability is oriented towards people and their needs. The economic profit is the result, but not the purpose, of our banking business". GLS Bank - the community bank for lending and giving.

Die Intalcon Foundation is a client of GLS Bank.

Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft

In Germany there are no uniform publication obligations for civil society organisations. Transparency helps to make their own work comprehensible to the public and donors, thus strengthening trust and credibility. On the initiative of Transparency International Deutschland e.V., numerous actors from civil society and academia defined ten basic points in 2010 that every civil society organisation should make available to the public. It thus provides a framework for basic transparency in non-profit organisations. These include the statutes, the names of key decision-makers, and information on the source and use of funds and personnel structure.

The Intalcon Foundation has joined this initiative and publishes further information that goes beyond the statutory publication obligations for civil society organisations in Germany here.

Oceans 205o

Oceans 2050 is a foundation-owned campaign and action platform working to restore abundant life in the oceans by 2050. They work to enable and empower people and businesses from all sectors to contribute to the shared vision of a better future - an abundant future with thriving oceans for our children and grandchildren.

They are a challenger company of the Berlin-based nonprofit Oceans 2050 Foundation, working with corporations, NGOs, governments, and startups alike. Oceans 2050 identifies and develops solutions with partners - as part of an ocean strategy that addresses the challenges of our time. Through collaborations that have real results for our ocean, climate, and humanity around the world, they create impact at scale. They develop public goods that benefit the community to achieve a common goal - an abundant world for our children to live in.


All life, including our own, depends on a fully functional planet to survive and thrive. Biodiversity, the vast array of plants, animals, and ecosystems, is the life support system of our planet and underpins the healthy ecosystems that provide us food, clean air and water, stable climate, and medicines.

A flexible model allows Re:wild to make a direct impact anywhere wildlife and ecosystems are most threatened. They work directly with local communities, indigenous groups, organizations, and governments to protect natural resources. This is critical for the long-term persistence of biodiversity and human societies on our only home – Earth.

Their record speaks for itself. The organization has helped establish over 40 conservation areas, and has worked to conserve nearly 1000 threatened species across approximately 150 sites.

Re:wild is in the fortunate position that Board of Directors covers all operational costs. This ensures that all our donations are 100% going to projects. Every donation helps to protect irreplaceable places, funds expeditions to find lost species, supports cutting-edge breeding programs, and much more.

stiftungshaus Bremen

Intalcon Foundation is a member of Stiftungshaus Bremen. The registered association was founded in 2003 as a communication platform and interest group to promote civic engagement and strengthen the idea of foundations. The Stiftungshaus sees itself as an independent network of charitable organisations: it has over 130 members. These include foundations, non-profit corporations and associations as well as supporting members. It represents a broad spectrum of foundation purposes. The Stiftungshaus sees itself as an instigator: motivating people and institutions to make endowments and donations through public presentations, encouraging them to set up new foundations; it initiates co-operations, mediates projects and encourages the exchange of expertise. Services for foundations are offered via a subsidiary.