Ralf Specht

FastCompany calls him a visionary business leader: Ralf Specht is the author of Building Corporate Soul and the creator of the Soul System™, a framework that aligns value-creating employee action with broader corporate strategy through shared understanding and shared purpose. As a founding partner of Spark44, he was the architect of an innovative, industry-first joint venture with Jaguar Land Rover, which grew under his leadership as CEO to a global revenue of $100+m and 1,200 employees before it joined forces with Accenture Interactive in 2021. Previously, he consulted with global companies and brands for more than two decades with McCann Erickson. The messages that he received from his colleagues after he stepped down as CEO of Spark44 went beyond the ´to-be-expected´ farewell wishes. Those messages included a contemplation of the culture that he and his founding colleagues had been able to establish. A culture summed up by the values “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Honest” which were guiding the behaviours as a north star. He felt these messages were too valuable to just be stored on his iPhone, so he decided to write a book about what the power of human centric performance culture: Building Corporate Soul – Powering culture and success with the Soul System™. His driving vision is to make soulless companies a thing of the past.