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Intalcon Alpha for Impact Global Fund +12.3% in Q1 of 2024

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The Intalcon Alpha for Impact Global Fund has had a successful start to Q1 2024 and is continuing in its run of success.

With a price gain of 12.3% in the first quarter of 2024, the Intalcon Alpha for Impact Global Fund continues its long-term track record: the fund achieved an annualised return of 32.7% p.a. over a five-year period with a volatility of 24.4%. The maximum drawdown on a monthly basis was a manageable 19.6%, underlining the quality of the risk management.

Risk-return comparison over 5 years
The Intalcon Alpha for Impact Global Fund has achieved a Sharpe Ratio of 1.33 over the last 5 years, outperforming all major benchmark indices by a wide margin.

Uncorrelated investment

The combination of active, rule-based long/short strategies, strict risk management and maximum diversification on the asset, strategy and time scales delivers clear added value - regardless of the current market situation. Over the last five years, the Intalcon Alpha for Impact Global Fund has had a minimal correlation to the equity market (MSCI World Net: -0.13), the bond market (World Government Bond Index: 0.16) and the commodities market (S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity Index: -0.01) and is therefore ideally suited to improving the risk-adjusted return of an existing portfolio.

From high returns to measurable impact

The actual purpose of the fund is to finance sustainable projects. This is why a large proportion of the performance fee and management fee - via the non-profit Intalcon Foundation - is channeled into measures to slow global warming, the protection of endangered species and projects that improve living conditions in low-income countries. The fund has a direct impact and is, so to speak, a hedge against the greatest threats of our time.

Doing good with good returns. Our fund shows that the two complement each other. You too can become part of our "Alpha for Impact" mission.

Track net asset value (NAV)

You can follow the historical development of the NAV since the beginning of 2011 on some German financial websites, including Onvista (R tranches).

WKN / ISIN of the R-tranche for Family & Friends:
A1JA6J / VCP458681092

WKN / ISIN of the I-tranche for institutional investors (launch in July 2022):
A3DP00 / VCP458682082

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