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Intalcon Global Opportunities Fund successfully launched

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Intalcon Global Opportunities is a systematically managed, flexible mixed fund that focuses on global equities, futures and currencies. Unit ‘class I plus’ ended the first quarter with a NAV of EUR 104.19.

Q1 closes with NAV of EUR 104.19

At the end of the quarter, 63.5% of the overall portfolio was invested in equities, while around 14% of fund assets were hedged using short positions in US and European index futures. With a weighting of 24.7%, the IT sector was in first place by far in the equity segment, followed by financials (9.6%) and consumer discretionary (6.6%). The long position in Bund futures represented around 12.3% of fund assets at the end of March, while the net exposure to the US dollar was just under 32%.

Asset allocation of the fund since inception

Timing is the key to success

The fund benefited from the recent rise in gold with a recent allocation of over 6%. The chart shows the performance of the Xetra Gold ETC since the beginning of 2024. Due to the sideways phase in recent months, the fund was not invested in the precious metal to allow the capital to be utilised more profitably elsewhere. A position was purchased on 4 March 2024 based on the recommendation of our algorithms. Since then, the position has generated a return of 12.7% in a short time.

Xetra Gold-ETCs Status: 04/11/2024, 10 pm. Purchase for the fund on 03/04/2024.

Track net asset value (NAV)

You can follow the historical performance of the NAV on some German financial websites, including Onvista (I tranche).

WKN / ISIN of the I tranche: A3E17P / DE000A3E17P8

WKN / ISIN of the I Plus tranche: A3E17Q / DE000A3E17Q6

Further information about the Intalcon Global Opportunities Fund is available here.

This is a marketing advertisement of Intalcon Asset Management GmbH (IAM) under the liability umbrella of NFS Netfonds Financial Service GmbH, Heidenkampsweg 73, 20097 Hamburg. Please read the prospectus of the UCITS, the key information document of the UCITS and the KIID before making a final investment decision. IAM acts exclusively for the account and under the liability of NFS Netfonds Financial Service GmbH, Heidenkampsweg 73,20097 Hamburg, within the scope of investment advice pursuant to Section 2 (2) No. 4 WpIG. NFS is a securities institution pursuant to Section 2 (1) WpIG and holds the necessary licences from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

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