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New: Intalcon Global Opportunities Fund

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Active, quantitative approach, based on a proven strategy over many years . Algorithms perform in both trend and sideways phases and protect portfolio management from emotions such as fear and greed.

New Systematic Investment Strategy Relies on Proven Algorithms to Generate Alpha

Intalcon Asset Management has launched the Intalcon Global Opportunities Fund (WKN A3E17P / A3E17Q) together with the distribution company AGATHON CAPITAL and the service company KVG Universal-Investment. As a mixed fund, the UCITS fund invests primarily in listed, liquid equities with a focus on the USA as well as in equity indeces and bond futures. The investment decisions for buying and selling, position size, and risk management are made quantitatively, i.e. systematically. The investment strategy is based on algorithms that have been tested and proven in practice over many years. The main objectives are a very low correlation to traditional indices and the generation of alpha. The fund thus aims to diversify a conventional securities portfolio and significantly improve its risk/return ratio.

"Systematic trading has already proven its worth for years in the Family and Friends fund. With increasing interest in this existing fund, we have decided to initiate a UCITS product to be investable for the widest possible circle of investors," explains Klaus A. Wobbe, Managing Director at fund advisor Intalcon Asset Management.

The systematic investment strategy reacts very flexibly and quickly to market changes. As a result, the proportion of equities in the portfolio develops very dynamically. Positions are generally made up of a longer trend-following tranche and a swing tranche. "For us, discipline in trading is of the utmost importance. Algorithms deliver good performance in both trend and, in particular, non-trend phases, and protect portfolio management from any emotions such as fear and greed. In addition, every rule-based trading decision is fully comprehensible because it is based on our clearly defined set of rules," says David Pieper, responsible for strategy development at Intalcon Asset Management.

Intalcon Asset Management also plans to donate 20 per cent of a performance fee to the charitable Intalcon Foundation. The foundation supports ecological and social projects that help to curb global warming, protect species and improve living conditions in low-income countries - actions that generate a measurable impact. "Our vision is a world in which above-average returns on the capital market also serve to secure a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren," explains Klaus A. Wobbe.


Intalcon Asset Management (IAM) is a bank-independent fund advisor and provider of algorithms for trading securities. The company's founders have spent more than 20 years advising institutional investors worldwide on the development of rules-based systems. This expertise forms the basis of the Intalcon Global Opportunities Fund. IAM operates under the liability umbrella of NFS Netfonds Financial Service GmbH, Heidenkampsweg 73, 20097 Hamburg.

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AGATHON CAPITAL GmbH specialises in innovative and sustainable fund strategies. For more than 13 years, AGATHON has been recognised as an independent and reliable partner for liquid and illiquid financial products in the area of special and public funds. AGATHON CAPITAL GmbH and AGATHON CAPITAL SCHWEIZ GmbH, under the management of Erich Schilcher, manage a total volume of over 1.8 billion euros.

As a link, AGATHON helps institutional and semi-institutional investors to secure returns, manage risks and diversify their investments with innovative fund solutions. AGATHON combines financial expertise with the high-performance products of its fund partners, thus laying the foundation for a comprehensive range of services with the best possible performance for its clients. AGATHON has been the fund initiator of the ART fund family since 2016. The aim is to find and develop specialised asset managers that can generate attractive returns in every stock market cycle. As part of the core-satellite approach, professional investors thus receive customised satellite solutions.

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The information is for marketing and information purposes only and does not constitute an invitation to buy or sell fund units. The sole basis for the purchase of units is the sales documents (basic information sheet and sales prospectus, which also contains the solely authoritative investment conditions, and - where available - the annual and semi-annual reports) for the fund. Sales documents for the fund are available free of charge in German from the responsible custodian Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank AG or from the capital management company Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH (at Theodor-Heuss-Allee 70, 60486 Frankfurt am Main) and can also be downloaded from A summary of your investor rights in German can be found at We would also like to point out that Universal-Investment, in the case of funds for which it has made arrangements as management company for the distribution of fund units in EU member states, may decide to cancel these arrangements in accordance with Article 93a of Directive 2009/65/EC and Article 32a of Directive 2011/61/EU, in particular by making a blanket offer to repurchase or redeem all corresponding units held by investors in the relevant member state

Press release 16 January 2024

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