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Together for abundant oceans. Intalcon foundation and OCEANS 2050.

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It is not enough just to maintain the current state of ocean ecosystems. Too much has already been destroyed. We need to restore life to the oceans and allow biodiversity to thrive again. The good news is that it is not too late. That's why the Intalcon Foundation supports the Oceans 2050 initiative.

Restoring abundance to the ocean by 2050

Overfishing, destruction, pollution, and climate change – our oceans are under threat and the rates of loss are steadily increasing: With business as usual, we can expect to see exponential losses within the next 10 years and reach devastating tipping points in our ocean ecosystems.

But exploration and scientific study have proven that the oceans are remarkably resilient when we re-create the conditions that allow nature to flourish. Our global ocean offers perhaps the greatest opportunity to reverse the damage of years of insufficient environmental protections with benefits that extend to people and the planet.

That is why Intalcon Foundation supports Oceans 2050's initiative to restore abundance to the ocean by 2050. Together, we especially promote the Sustainable Development Goals 13 and 14.

"With Oceans 2050, we have a cooperation partner with excellent expertise. We share the belief that we can restore abundance to the oceans."
Scarlett Eckert, Managing Director Intalcon Foundation

Oceans 2050 is a foundation-owned campaign and action platform working to restore abundant life in the oceans by 2050. They work to enable and empower people and businesses from all sectors to contribute to the shared vision of a better future - an abundant future with thriving oceans for our children and grandchildren.

They are a challenger company of the Berlin-based nonprofit Oceans 2050 Foundation, working with corporations, NGOs, governments, and startups alike. Oceans 2050 identifies and develops solutions with partners - as part of an ocean strategy that addresses the challenges of our time. Through collaborations that have real results for our ocean, climate, and humanity around the world, they create impact at scale. They develop public goods that benefit the community to achieve a common goal - an abundant world for our children to live in.

The leading initiative is the commitment to global seaweed farming in order to sequester CO2 and build a sustainable blue economy.


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