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Together for biodiversity. Intalcon Foundation and re:wild (formerly Global Wildlife Conservation).

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Biodiversity is probably the most important asset on our planet. All life on this earth depends on it. Since the year 2000, the number of endangered animal species and organisms worldwide has more than doubled (source: IUCN). It is high time to counteract this devastating development.

Stop extinction before we become extinct.

Together with the organization Re:wild, Intalcon Foundation is working to preserve and restore biodiversity - promoting in particular Sustainable Development Goals 13 and 15. We supports a project that aims at the long-term survival of the Saola, one of the rarest wild cattle species that lives in the Annamite mountains in Vietnam and Laos.

All life, including our own, depends on a fully functional planet to survive and thrive. The diversity of plants, animals and ecosystems, is a prerequisite for a healthy habitat. It is the foundation for intact ecosystems that provide us with food, medicine, clean air, clean water and a stable climate.

A flexible model allows GWC to make a direct impact anywhere wildlife and ecosystems are most threatened. They work directly with local communities, indigenous groups, organizations, and governments to protect natural resources. This is critical for the long-term persistence of biodiversity and human societies on our only home – Earth.

"We are impressed by Re:wild's highly efficient operations. Since the Board of Directors covers all operational costs, 100% of all donations benefit species conservation."
Scarlett Eckert, Managing Director Intalcon Foundation

Their record speaks for itself. The organization has helped establish over 40 conservation areas, and has worked to conserve nearly 1000 threatened species across approximately 150 sites. This is not the only reason why Re:wild has received 4 out of 4 stars from Charity Navigator.

Every donation helps to protect irreplaceable places, funds expeditions to find lost species, supports cutting-edge breeding programs, and much more.

The Saola project is a flagship for conserving biodiversity. Efforts to save the Saola will have multiple benefits to other species whatever the outcome for the Saola.


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