Your contact person

If you have any questions regarding donations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Scarlett Eckert
+49 421 40 886 556

Our donation account

Thank you for your donation!

Intalcon Foundation gGmbH
GLS Bank
DE29 4306 0967 1144 7780 00


What payment methods are possible?

Currently we offer bank transfer, direct debit and Paypal as payment methods. Soon we will offer other payment methods, such as credit card and instant bank transfer.

Can I determine what my donation will be used for?

Yes, you can either select the project you want to support in the form on this website under ‘purpose of donation’ or you can tell us the project for your donation in the field ‘reason for payment’ when you make your bank transfer. We will then allocate your donation according to your wishes.

Can I donate regularly to the Foundation?

That would be wonderful, because regular donations allow us to plan for longer-term projects that we carry out together with local project partners. To do this, please select the donation frequency "recurring" in the form.

When do I get a donation receipt?

Donations of up to 200 Euros can easily be claimed for tax purposes with the deposit slip or the bank statement from your bank. Only if the donation exceeds 200 euros is it necessary to submit a donation receipt to the tax office. Therefore, we will only send you a donation receipt automatically if your donation exceeds 200 Euros. Please don’t forget to enter your address in the form. We will usually send you the donation receipt within one week of receiving your donation to our donation account. If you donate regularly, you will receive your annual donation receipt at the beginning of the following year. If you have not received a receipt, please contact us; either by phone at +49 421 40 886 556 or by e-mail at Thank you very much.

What portion of my donations will benefit the purpose of the donation?

Effective implementation of our statutory purpose requires qualified staff and a minimum technical infrastructure. Only in this way can we ensure that all donations fulfill their purpose and have an impact for our donors. Our goal is to ensure that at least 80% of the donations go to the organizations and projects.

Who controls the use of donations?

We have the origin and use of funds audited every year by an independent auditor – CT Lloyd GmbH auditing company in Bremen.